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Want to know more about our adjustable quad skates

Not sure what we're on about when we start talking bearings, stoppers and trucks? 

Want to know how to get the best out of your skates AND make them last?

Read on for the 411... 

First thing's first, here's a quick explanation of the stuff of that makes up the skates and what they do: 

The boot: 
This bit is pretty self explanatory, it's the bit your foot goes in, literally a boot. Ours are made from semi-soft, lightweight materials for breathability and comfort. 

Ours are also high-tops, meaning the boot comes up the ankle in a classic skate style for added stability and support - ideal for beginners as this helps prevent the dreaded rolled ankle. 

The fit: 
Follow your shoe size. Our boots are adjustable through a couple sizes, ideal for lasting through little growth spurts!

Just press the coloured button above the back wheels of the skate and pull the toe to extend the boot or push it back to reduce the size, then release the button to lock in the chosen size. 

Here's a size guide to give you a little more of an idea: 

Here's a tip to make getting your boots on a breeze: Make sure the laces are as loose as they can be and both top straps (The hook and eye and the safe lock buckle) are open and completely undone before trying to stick your foot in there, especially for the first couple of wears while you're breaking them in.  

It's much easier to slip your feet in if you're not trying to wiggle around a closed strap! 

You don't need thick socks per se, but long ones to stop any potential for rubbing around the top of the ankle (and that don't slip down and get lost inside the boot) are a good shout! 

The closures: 
Our skates have a triple closure system to ensure a secure fit and maximum comfort without restricting natural movement. 

  • The laces allow for a good fit over the foot, just like they would in a pair of trainers. 
  • The hook and eye strap helps prevent any slipping, and helps keep those laces tucked in! 
  • The top safe lock buckle keeps the cushioned ankle fitted comfortably around the leg without working loose as you skate. 

The Trucks: 
The truck of a roller skate is the what the wheel axle passes through. The trucks attach to the base plate of the skate and hold the wheels. Ours are built to last made from materials resistant to damage. 

The Brake: 
As is standard on most quad skates, ours are fitted with the classic cushioned PVC toe stopper on the front. They're not only used to slow you down and stop; they can also help you push off too! Think kind of like a runners' starting blocks, you can brace one toe stopper on the ground to give you something solid to push off from as you glide forward on the other foot.  

The bearings: 
Ours are ABEC-7s. 
If that's pure gobbledigook to you, here's a quick overview:
ABEC is a bearing rating system commonly used for skates (and skateboards!) that runs from 0-9. The higher the ABEC rating, the better the precision and efficiency of the roll. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean higher speeds, but a better 'rollout' A.K.A how long the wheels keep spinning after push off. 

So, basically ABEC-7 just means our bearings are good quality without feeling like you might spin out of control. They sit in a sweet spot ideal for both beginners and intermediate skaters. 

The wheels: 
The quad skate layout means 2 wheels up front and 2 at the back.
Our PU wheels are 54 x 32 mm, giving the skates improved stability and decent grip. They're also resistant to flat spots too, so your ride should stay nice and smooth.

Take Care of Your Skates

To extend the lifespan of your skates there are a few good habits that it's worth getting into, give each of these a check when you skate and you should be golden! 

Check those brakes: Keep your skates tip top and help prevent crashes. Brake pads will eventually wear down, especially after heavy use, or can become loose. Make sure they're tightly secured, and even replace them if they're on their last legs. 

Make sure your wheels spin properly: Our wheels are resistant to flat spots, but that doesn't mean they're impossible. Make sure your wheels are still nice and round and haven't got any big chunks taken out of them. Remove any debris that might've gotten stuck in there and even replace the wheels if necessary, although it should be a while before you even need to consider that.  

Keep the boot dry: This will not only keep your skates looking fresh but will help prevent any wear and tear which might impact your skating performance and comfort. If they do get wet, it's best to let them air dry naturally and avoid leaving them near a direct heat source. 

Check your laces: If they're getting tons of use, the laces may eventually show some natural wear and tear - just replace with whatever lace takes your fancy! 

Clean your bearings: Ok so you don't really need to do this every time you skate, but it should be done fairly regularly. They work best when kept clean and dry (aside from any lubricant).