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Wanting to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, but stuck for ideas? 

Keeping active and spending quality time together in the great outdoors is important for both brain and body; so we've put together a list of garden activities to help get the whole family involved and make the most of your outside space. Whether your garden is big or small, there's plenty of things you can do together to enjoy the outdoors! 

1. Mini Garden Olympics
Have an opening ceremony to introduce your teams and compete in events like the sprint, long jump, egg and spoon race, three legged, or even a sack race! 

Family running a race outside in the grass

    2. Lawn Darts 
    Throw your lawn dart at the target to earn points. If your aim is just too good, move the target circle further away to make it harder, or move them closer together to make it easier for less advanced players.

    Young boy throws a comet lawn dart

    3. DIY Garden Fete
    Quoits double for the bottle ring toss game, add a Tin Can Alley and a game of Skittles and you've got the start of your own fairground. Assign secret prizes to make it feel like the real thing - who will be lucky enough to bag the grand prize? 

      Wooden Quoits game in the grass

      4. Croquet
      Knock your ball through the hoops in the right order to earn points. Keep going until you miss - then it's another player's turn. Super simple! 

        Young boy plays animal croquet

        5. Boules 
        Try and get your ball closest to the jack. Shoot other boules away to stop them getting too close! Play with tactics and strategy, there's even an element of teamwork involved if you aren't playing tete-a-tete! 

          Plastic Garden Boules in the grass

          6. Giant Tumbling Tower
          The tabletop game has been supersized into a giant version for in the garden. If you've got at least 2 players you're good to go. Add your own rules if you don't fancy the traditional game! 

          Giant tumbling tower falls over onto the grass

          7. Double Disc Slam
          This 4 player game combines frisbee skills, teamwork, and aim. Slam the disc into the goal for a point or toss it through the slot to earn more. Try to stop the other team! 

            Kids play games with a disc slam frisbee

            8. Water Fight
            You can't list garden games and not include water fights, so we had to give an honourable mention. Water fights are a surefire way to have some fun that'll help you cool off on hot days too! A good water fight is well worth it

              Brother and sister having a water fight in the garden

                Have a go, get outside and blow off some steam!