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"Best Inflatable Paddle Boards 2023" - T3



Close up of water splashing over the side of an inflatable quick set pool

Hop in, cool off and soak up some summer sun with your own garden pool. That's the dream, right? 

Anyone with a decent patch of level garden can enjoy the summer luxury of an above ground pool: with sizes and styles to suit just about every budget, there's sure to be something that suits you; from the classic paddling pool to the more high-end metal frame style. 

Swimming pools are a must-have for those looking to level up their garden space this summer, and as long as you have a decent, flat patch of garden with access to water, you're good to go! 

Make sure the area you choose for your pool is as level as possible, and free of anything sharp that might damage the liner; an extra groundsheet under the pool is a good way to help protect your pool from anything that might cut or pierce it. If you really want to protect the base of your pool, line the area with some foam play mats for a little added security.

But which pool is the right one for you? The M.Y Splash range has two different kinds of pool to pick from: the quickset pool, or the classic metal frame variety. 

Either pool is great depending on the space you have available - the 7 foot quickset pool is ideal for smaller spaces and takes up less room in terms of storage, but the metal frames come in sizes all the way up to 14 feet! 

Metal Frame VS Inflatable Quickset

Inflatable or Quickset Pools

Quickset pools, as the name would suggest, tend to be much quicker to set up, dismantle, and are often easier to packdown for storage at the end of the summer. 

Our 6 foot paddling pool is as easy as just getting it out of the box, while the 7ft inflatable quickset pool does require a pump to inflate the top ring but once that's done you're all set to get filling! 

Metal Frame Pools 

Generally speaking, the metal frame pool will always be sturdier than it's quickset counterpart and is available in larger (and deeper) sizes. 
Although as they come with extra frame pieces, they can be trickier to pack away at the end of the summer, and they are often more expensive than a quickset pool. 

In the end, it's up to you! 

Ultimately, the choice is yours whether you want to go for a quickset or metal frame pool, but if you're short on space, or want a more shallow pool for younger kids, you can't really go wrong with the classic paddling pool or inflatable 7ft quickset pool. 

The larger metal frames work a treat if you have more space to play with, or want something that might be better suited to older kids or more confident swimmers. 

Either way, both the quickset and metal frame pools are made to last through the summer and into the next, so it's all down to what you need/ want from your garden pool. 

As always, remember to be aware of water safety and never leave the pool unattended when in use!