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"Best Inflatable Paddle Boards 2023" - T3



Pointbreak paddleboards get out on the water. Image shows two paddle boarders on calm water with the sun setting behind them

Paddleboarding has exploded onto the scene over the past couple years, but gathering all the gear can be costly. With so many options out there on the market, it can be tricky to know which board to go for, especially if you're a newbie shopping with a budget! 

The M.Y PointBreak range is aimed at the beginner/ intermediate end of the scale, and is suitable for use on lakes, rivers, and calm seas; perfect for that first dip into SUP life. In fact, T3 recently featured us in their best paddle boards for beginners 2021 list!

Read on to find out what T3 and ArcticDry had to say about our inflatable PointBreak paddleboards when they tested them out. 

So, what does a PointBreak paddleboard come with? 

As should be expected of a full beginner's package, all PointBreak iSUPs come with the basics to get you out on the water right out of the box (although we absolutely recommend investing in a decent life vest before you venture out). 

"For the price, M.Y hasn't skimped on accessories - you get everything you need to get paddleboarding." -T3

Here's all the kit you can find in the box: 

  • The paddleboard 
  • A backpack big enough to comfortably fit all the accessories, and one (deflated) paddleboard 
  • Ankle Leash 
  • Central Fin 
  • Single Action Hand Pump 
  • Valve Wrench 
  • Adjustable Aluminium Paddle 
  • Repair Kit (just in case)

 What's the board quality like? 

Every M.Y PointBreak paddleboard is constructed with a dropstitch core for added rigidity, and a tough, UV resistant exterior coating for that extra bit of durability. 

The deck pad is made from compressed EVA foam to give good grip underfoot, even when wet! 

The airtight inner seal, high pressure outer seal, and airtight inflation valve keep the board comfortably at the recommended 15PSI for however long you want to stay out on the water. 

"It’s common in the SUP world for manufacturers to claim certain things yet not provide. However, in the case of the M.Y Pointbreak SUP that we recently tested, we can say it’s honestly one of the most solid feeling & well put together paddle boards we’ve used." - ArcticDry

What's the usability like?

Setting up the board is simple and intuitive; use the hand pump to inflate the board to the correct PSI, then it's just a case of slotting in the removable central fin, putting together the paddle and hooking on the ankle leash. Easy peasy. 

"The M.Y PointBreak 10' paddle board is easy enough to use. The adjustable paddle works well and is ergonomic to handle (in fact, in use it more than holds it's own against much pricier paddles we've tried, especially for beginner/intermediate paddlers)" -T3

It's easy to navigate out on calm waters and with minimal drag, it's easy to pick up then maintain speed while balancing on the deck - this is where that grippy compressed EVA comes into play!

So, what's the verdict?

You're definitely getting your money's worth with a PointBreak SUP, the kit covers everything you need to get started, and everything does its job - perfect for beginners, intermediates, or fair weather paddlers. Added bonus: every paddleboard comes with warranty coverage too! 

"... Made from highly durable & robust materials that balances well & allows you to turn easily when needed. It’s not super bulky & is a great board to take with you to the beach or your local river/lake" -ArcticDry