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M.Y Sea Quest 200 Inflatable Boat


The M.Y Sea Quest Inflatable Boat is perfect whether you plan on fishing, rowing, cruising along the sea or just basking in the sun relaxing on the lake, this boat has the best features for your needs.

It's super easy to inflate and reaches 140 x 90cm when fully inflated, the boat also has attachments both sides which allows for oars to be used. The standard size valves that are built into the boat means that the vast majority of standard hand pumps will be able to inflate the boat. Plus with 3 chamber construction it's makes it even quicker to inflate and allows you more time to have fun out on the water!

Safety is always on the forefront of our products and rest assured that this is no exception, the M.Y Sea Quest Inflatable Boat has a variety of features to keep you, your friends and family safe. The boat has a grab line around the perimeter of the boat and two sturdy handles to grip onto. These two features create a more safe environment for everyone whilst maintaining maximum fun.

At such a great competitive price in the inflatable boat range, this is a complete steal for the value that you will receive in return!